If there’s one aspect of the PC / Mac debate that both sides can agree upon it’s certainly the PC’s (and when I say PC here I mean Windows machines) ability to game. Currently the king of digital distribution of games is Steam; a Windows only program. However, with Steam’s recent release of the beta version of their new UI, it seems things may be about to change. Several users of the new UI have found what appear to be icons meant for OSX in the system files of the installation.

Icons hinting towards a Steam release on OSX

At this point, with no word from Steam indicating a Mac version of the program, this is merely speculation. Additionally, as the icons seem to be simple window manipulation icons, there’s a chance they were included as a bit of spare code and don’t indicate much of anything at all. However, looking into the hopeful future, it would be entirely feasible for Steam to partner with CrossOver Games (a partner they’ve worked with in the past) in order to bring a solid selection of Windows games to the Mac through Steam. To sum it up, this could be something huge but there’s not much we can do other than speculate and wait for Steam to make an official statement.