Everyone loves pasta, especially spaghetti. Angel Hair, with Clam Sauce, Marinara, Meatballs…Yum yum.  However, no one likes it behind their desks or in their corners.  This kind of spaghetti is not the variety composed of pasta.  No, this is the kind created by your wires.  Everything we use to entertain ourselves for the most part these days needs electricity. Clocks, TVs, Computers, Stereos, everything just about uses a plug.  Even most of our portable devices, while more able to roam free, are still dependent on the wall plug.  Get enough of these items and sooner or later, you got “Spaghetti”.  The bundling of wires in a non-uniformed/disorganized fashion that creates an eye-sore and a fantastic cultivation tool for your variety of Dust-Bunnies.

Along comes POWERMAT (PM), an “inductive” mat that allows you to be able to charge your mobile devices wirelessly.  How it exactly works I am not clear on, but I can tell you it works, and works extremely well.  Inductive chargers are not new.  You probably first saw them on those Water-Pic tooth brushes and now they can be seen all over the place on electric shavers and such.  But finally somone got the bright idea to apply it to our mobile devices and in this case, the iPhone.  Here is how it works.  Basically all you need do, is to place the mat someplace flat, plug in the single wire, and Wham-O, three devices can be charged at once.  This will definitely help to reduce your “Pasta-Problem”.  The function of the mat I have to admit, was at first to me simply a novelty.  I got mine, plugged it in, and said to myself “Neat tech, not amazingly useful.  I mean really, so it allows me to charge things wirelessly, but I still have to place the device realatively close to a plug like I have before and does the same job…”

I was wrong, and to be honest, I will tell you now before you read on, that I am going to have some trouble trying to explain to you why I was.  However, I will make a valiant effort to explain these relatively unqualifiable emotions regarding the PM.  I have had the luxury of using the PM for three weeks now, and I can say the convenience of the PM is really a game changer for me.  Like I said before, at first I was very ‘Meh…” about PM.  But after 3 weeks of use the novelty became a serious convenience.  This is why; The ability to be able to charge my iPhone wirelessly made it so if I had to bolt out the door fast, I could just grab and run.  I also always knew where my iPhone was.  How many times have we walked in a door tossed or left our iPhone someplace when we got distracted and then when we needed it, it was not where we usually look?  But with PM being so convenient it is simple, even while distracted, to just place it on the mat to get charged.  More to the point, let’s face it, while not needing much effort, normally we have to plug and unplug our devices with the 30-pin adapter.  Now I know, again, it is not much effort to do, but it is still effort.  And if you use a tethered third party charger (like I did) such as the iGo, the 30-pin adapter locks in place.

Now how many times have we heard about iPhones needing service due to the 30-pin port getting damaged somehow forcing a replacement.  Oh, the agony of reloading all your phone apps.  Now should yours be a jailbroken phone, the process has just doubled due to all the additional settings you need to tweak to get your phone working as it once did.  This happens enough to us when Apple decides to release a new OS version about four times a year. The less we need to use our 30-pin ports, the better.  PM solves this for us.  At night I used to leave my iPhone plugged into my iGo.  Tethered and in my bed, sometimes I would tug at the wire unwittingly causing stress on the adapter, which always made me nervous and actually forced me to purchase a new adapter due to that stress, (Thank God it was not the iPhone) and at my office same deal, except when I would turn in my chair the wire would cause even additional stress in the same fashion making me wince with concern, fear, and frustration.

But now with the PM I have no such worries.  Now in bed, the iPhone sits on its pedestal  and when I need it for use, I just pick it up use it for as long as I wish and when done place it back in its appropriate spot and it charges again.  Same thing at the office and it looks cool sitting there too.  The highly stylized PM is oval in shape with a nice silver metal bezel surrounding the mat.  Once the Mat is on the table, slip the iPhone into a PM case and lay it on the PM and you will here an ascending oscillating chirp engage when contact is made, an out of sight white LED light for that charge space lights up and the iPhone is charging.  Take it off, and the light turns off and a descending oscillating chirp alerts you that the charge process has ceased.  The sound and light are both optional, meaning that they can both be turned off if so desired.  The charge time is the exact time as a wall plug adapter, but here’s a really cool thing about PM.  When your device is full?  The PM with its smart-charging technology realizes the device is full, and stops the charging process.  Cool right?  Well here’s the cooler part.  When the device drops a bit in power while in stand-by and still on the PM, the mat actually recognizes this and actually begins the charging process again till full and then continues to repeat this process until the device is actually removed from the pad.  This will not only save on battery life, but electricity as well.

PM comes in two versions right now.  The table top version and the portable.  Both function exactly the same.  Both allow for three devices to be charged simultaneously.  The portable one however, is able to be folded into three sections and placed into a perfectly fitted hard canvassed and highly stylized carrying case with a magnetic catch for easy locking and opening.  In fact the entire PM is in love with magnets.  In order to line the device up for charging on the device it has magnets which will pull the device into proper alignment when you place it down on the PM.  It took me all of a day to master lining up the iPhone for charge in the PM and now it’s not even a thought.  They use it as I said for the carrying case on the portable model.  They use it for their universal adapter that is called a “Powercube” which comes with just about every other device adapter needed and a carrying case for your most used/needed adapters which clips magnetically on top on the Powercube.  Yes you read this correctly, the PM comes (in the box) with a universal adapter that has every proprietary adapter plug available and used in the market today, even another 30-pin for your GFs overnight stays.  The Powercube is placed and aligned on the PM just like any other device with magnets lining up the adapter for use to charge.  The dimensions of the desktop PM is approximately: 12″ x 4.5″ x .5.  While the Portable PM is approximately: 12″ x 3.75″ x .35″ and can be folded into a 3.75″ x 3.75″, 1.25″ stack.  The quality of the PM is truly amazing.  So complete and well thought out even to the power plug for the PM itself.  The plug was shaped as a spool so it can be wound up, self contained and made as portable and easy to lug around as possible.  If you’re worried about syncing, don’t.  PM even comes with a wire to sync with which has the Mini-USB adapter so you do not need to keep pulling your iPhone out of PM’s iPhone-Charge Case, PM thought it all out brilliantly.

Even the packaging was so masterfully designed and decorated that it is worth mentioning here.  This is a VERY high quality item.  Everything has been thought out and made to present manufacturing and performance on a level that I dare say is….perfect?  Yes I said it.  It is perfect.  The device looks, feels, and performs perfectly.  Design, function, form, the whole kit.  The price for either PM is $99.99, an iPhone case will run you an additional $39.99, but there are also adapter-cases for BlackBerry, Nintendo DS’ and additional Powercubes for 29.99 each.  I know not exactly cheap but over time it will pay for itself (though you may not feel it.)

Now I understand everything I said here is not an Ooo-Ahh thing for many of you, but it is like motorcycle riding.  Anyone who asks me and other riders when they, themselves, do not ride “What’s it like?”  My answer is “If I have to explain it to you, you simply wont understand”, and the answer is the same here regarding PM.  But just like riding, once they do it they’re hooked.  By you also using the PM, it won’t be long before you too will have the same reaction. I honestly now would find it an enormous inconvenience to not use or have at my disposal, my POWERMAT and neither will you once you decide to get one.