iPhone OS 3.2

As you may all know, Apple has released a new all-hype product called the iPad. In the Apple Keynote (a video presentation introducing a new Apple product), Steve Jobs did not mention what OS the iPad was going to be running on. The iPad is going to run a specialized version of iPhone OS 3.2 that will only work on the iPad (which is stated in the iPhone developers Web site).

iPad OS 3.2

Engadget confirms info from “extremely trusted sources” who say the OS has support for video calling. which is useless to the iPad. The tablet does not have a camera so the only logical explanation is that they’re preparing it for the next iPhone software update. Engadget again confirms that Safari will support file downloads for local storage. With this you can use the files in other apps such as Mail; i.e. sending a recipient an attachment you downloaded. Maybe even sending downloaded files through MMS! There are also hints for file upload in Safari (yes FINALLY). iPhone jailbreak dev Ryan Petrich sends a tip that there will be a multiple-dictionary spell checker, richer application text support, and a prototype for a “handwriting keyboard.”

iPhone SDK 3.2 Beta

In the newest iPhone 3.2 SDK,  Apple has decided to allow VoIP calling over 3G networks. Is this due to AT&T’s iPhone exclusivity ending within the next couple months? Myself and other editors speculate this to be the reason. In the past, VoIP calls were only allowed to be made on Wi-Fi networks. VoIP calls are much cheaper and international rates are inexpensive as well. But AT&T would lose potential revenue for not being able to charge for minutes over 3G as every iPhone has to have an unlimited data plan. The iPad comes with a microphone and speaker; the Wi-Fi and 3G model could take advantage of VoIP. Knowing Apple, it wouldn’t be a surprise if they only allowed VoIP for the iPad, and not the iPhone models.