Boot Logo... Finally!

     With iH8sn0w’s recent release of Sn0wbreeze, thousands of iPhone users were excited to download it and jailbreak their phones while activating a custom boot logo or verbose mode. Unfortunately, the current version of sn0wbreeze has a faulty Cydia and RockApp, so there is no way to install hacks and packages with the full IPSW. I actually tried their full IPSW restore, resulting in an ordinary iPhone with two non-functional apps: Cydia and Rock.

NOTICE: The following method will not work on 3G iPod touch! 

     I have actually discovered a solution to this problem, making it so that you can have a custom recovery logo, and either a custom boot logo or verbose mode. Verbose mode is where you can actually see the script running that boots up your device, providing somewhat of an evil-genius feel. Not only that, but my method gives you a functional Cydia and/or RockApp! In order to make this work, you must start with a fresh Apple IPSW restore, and move onto Blackra1n from there. By using a NOR-only Sn0wbreeze IPSW, you will be able to add only the aforementioned attributes to the already jailbroken Apple device.

(If you have already jailbroken with Blackra1n skip to step 3)

1. Download Blackra1n.

2. Plug in your iPhone and execute the program. The process will be quick and your device will show a “Blackra1n” boot logo.

2. Turn your device off and unplug it.

3. RECOVERY MODE: Hold down your home button and plug it back in while still holding the home button.

4. When you see the “Plug into iTunes” logo, let go of the home button. You can now set you iPhone aside.

5. SN0WBREEZE. Download Sn0wbreeze, unzip it, and open it.

6. Press the arrow in the bottom-right corner and pick “Expert Mode.”

7. Browse for your 3.1.2 IPSW and wait for it to process.

8. Click the arrow and choose “General.”

9. Check the NOR-only box. This will make a small custom IPSW that will not delete any of your data upon you restore.

10. Click the arrow and choose a custom recovery logo by checking “Use Custom Recovery Logo.” It must be under 100k, 320×480 pixels, and have at least one transparent pixel in it.

11. Choose one of the following:

a. Verbose Boot: Check “Enable Verbose Mode”. This will not let you choose a custom boot logo, but   you can see the iPhone’s script running as it boots up. This mode is also known to boot   a bit faster.

b. Custom Boot Logo:  Check “Use Custom Boot Logo” and browse for your favorite boot logo, and again: It must  be under 100k, 320×480 pixels,  and have at least one transparent pixel in it.

12.  Click the the arrow and choose “Build IPSW.”

13. Start the process and wait for it to end. Plug your iPhone in that’s in RECOVERY MODE, and open iTunes.

14. It will find an iPhone that’s in recovery mode. Shift+Click on the “Restore” button, and select the NOR-only IPSW that you have just created with Sn0wbreeze.

15. It will take from 5-10 minutes to restore, and you should now have a fully functional, jailbroken iPhone with a custom recovery logo, and a custom boot logo or verbose mode!

     iH8sn0w is currently working on a fix for the Cydia and RockApp error in the full IPSW, but until then just use the NOR-only IPSW option with an already jailbroken device. Have fun playing around with boot logos or even showing your friends how you hacked your iPhone to show verbose mode!