Have you ever had the need to take a picture of yourself with your iPhone?  It is a process involving plenty of trial and error.  Set aside the obnoxiously inconvenient little on screen button you cannot feel for a bit.  Let’s just quickly discuss the fact you can never be sure if the frame is aligned properly.  Why?  Well for the sake of fashion over function the iPhone does not even come equipped with the tiny little mirrors found on every other phone, so we can get a basic idea of how we are lining up our shots.

     So, along comes a new company called “iSnapMe” with a self same-named product.  Now the product is pretty simple and it is astounding that it hasn’t been thought of before.  What is particularly amusing about this product is when I first saw it and pulled it out of the packaging I thought to myself “Gee…Now I have a cute little Pooper-Sccoper for my hamster cage”.  Seriously guys, it really does look like a little scoop.  But once you work past the comedic look of the iSnapMe, you begin to realize the function.  The way iSnapMe works (as I said before), is by the use of mirrors.  The iSnapMe uses angled mirrors to reflect light and thus images that the camera eye sees,  back around to you when taking shots of yourself alone or with friends so you can actually use the touch screen to not only take the picture but actually see yourself.  This is a major convenience for those of you in those party scenes where you and your friends want to capture those memorable moments, since in that drunken stupor you wont remember the morning after as to what you did last night, save for the proof of the shot (no, not alcohol) you took.

     The iSnapMe, adheres to the back of your iPhone via two very soft suction-cups to prevent scuff and scrapes ( Mustn’t hurt the precious).  Aligning the mirrors takes very little time and produces an extremely effective solution to a very real problem with our iPhones.  However. if you use a cloth protective case, or one that has texture, the suction-cups will doubtfully hold.  This aside, the precisely angled mirrors will redirect the camera lenses line of site around the phone allowing the user to see clearly how they are lining the shot up.

     Now women should find this item fairly easy to carry because they all carry a purse around that contains everything they own in them, save live animals. So considering this I can say this item is extremely portable for the ladies.  For the guys?  Not so much.  But discussions with the owner of the Company have revealed that they are ever in development to tackle issues like these and a solution in the future will be coming down the pipeline.

     iSnapme, retails for $19.95 (Free S&H) and is a great product to tackle an issue that is an iPhone‘s short coming.  So if you have need and are in situations where self portraits are a must for your social life and online escapades, iSnapMe has created a solution that will cure your ailment.  So Snap away and let your inner Howard Schatz rise up.