SPECK Products are fantastic.  No, once again I am not referring to the edible variety (which goes best with Telagio Cheese, IMO)  but the very products that protect our precious iDevices.  This is not to say SPECK only caters to Apple and the world of cutting edge technology they create, but just about every portable device out there.  For this article, and just in time for the holidays, I am going to concentrate on SPECKs new version of their SeeThru protective case.  Their original design was a two piece plastic cover that doubled as a video stand for your iPhone. Briefly explaining how this worked, the case was basically split in half, allowing the two plastic pieces to slide From the top and bottom, over the back of the device meeting and overlapping in the middle.  When wishing to use the case as a stand, one would pull the bottom half off which would have an open space in the overlapped area in which you would be able to place the iPhone side-ways on top of it which allowed for a stable platform to watch movies at a 10-15 degree angle. While this design was rather nice the only flaw with this design I saw was that the plastic seemed to feel flimsy when on the phone.  The case had tremendous “play” in that it was not secure on the phone and also had no protective attributes inside to help shield the iPhone from scuffing while it is bouncing around in your pocket.

     Fast forward to today.  SPECK, redesigned the SeeThru to mimic its cousin the “Candy Shell”.  Now I did a review on the Candy Shell sometime back which can be reviewed here.  How they are similar is in their basic design, in which they are both a single piece of polyurethane plastic.  After this, they differ completely.  The SeeThru is cleverly designed to have a snug fit, just as the Candy Shell, but what is particularly impressive about the SeeThru’s design is that the rim is made of  silicon which is ingenuitively injection molded and fused to the polyurethane plastic.  This is particularly brilliant, as this allows a clean tight fit that is of OEM standards and allows the phone to be placed within the secure confines of the case without the fear of any scuffs or scratches to be suffered by the device when inserting or removing it from the SeeThru. The same silicon is placed down the four corners of the case, which is how you are actually able to get the phone into the case.

     So, how well does the SeeThru do its job?  Well, I have had ample time to test this item out (due to me having serious computer issues) to the tune of 6 weeks.  SPECK was kind enough to send a clear one for me and also a red one for my GF.  Now you’re probably asking, “Why does she get one and I don’t?”  The reason I asked for two, is I tend to be pretty careful with my toys.  However my GF is not quite as meticulous as I, and I wanted to really put this case through its paces. Between her dropping it all the time and throwing it in her massive handbag with all sorts of primping items and keys, I could not think of a better test subject to work over this case.  Believe me… she beat the balls off the SeeThru.  So here’s the run-down.

     My experience with the SeeTru was quite nice.  The Case does its job almost as well as the Candy Shell.  The reason it is not quite as good is that there is no full silicon lining in the SeeThru which would add blunt force trauma protection.  Other than this, the SeeThru is just that, see through.  It is transparent allowing you to see all the itty bits and details of your Phone.  The buttons are also silicon overlays making every part of the phone covered save the docking port and the touch screen.  The nice thing about the buttons are they are in no way diminished in responsiveness with this covering.  The rubber edging also has a nice attribute, it is slightly raised which means putting your phone face down will not allow contact with a flat surface.  Cool, right?  Protective is almost a mis-nomer as the SeeThru is more like a condom than a case.   The protection is exemplary allowing nothing to get through, save for the things that are supposed to get in, everything is protected in a glossy transparent plastic case that wards off almost all the evil of a contentious world that wishes to destroy your device.  It works, simple as that.

     Now, moving on to the torture my female partner has made the item endure, tells an interesting tale.  The abuse she put the SeeThru… through amazed me.  Let me state now early on, it has done its job very well, to hers and my satisfaction alike.  However, let’s talk about where the SeeThru falls short.  First off it scratches way too easily.  I was stunned that after giving the case to her and her slipping it in with the customary SPECK *snop!*, a day later the case was littered with scores and scratches.  Not exactly what you want to see on a clear case that is made to allow you to see the beauty of your device.  Another disappointment was getting the phone out.  I want to be clear to any of you who switch cases a lot.  This is not the case for you.  I can tell you now getting the phone out of this case is in no way a small feat.  It was like pulling teeth and trying to get Tiger Woods to open up and admit he cheated on his wife.  Yeah… it’s that tough.  Sure SPECK gave instructions on how to remove the Phone.  I tried them.  I was emitting so much force according to their directions I feared I’d break the glass on the phone. Ultimately I took a screw driver wrapped in a thin piece of cloth (so as to not scratch the Phone) and wedged it under the phone between it and the case through the docking port and slowly, carefully pried the device from the stubborn protective confines of the case until it was exposed enough for me to remove it the rest of the way by hand.  Yeah, it’s that tough!  But at least you now can see how snug and perfectly it rests within the case assuring more than excellent protection.

     The cases come in an assortment of colors for the particular consumer and unlike other accessories, removal and implementation are a wiz. The cases run around $29.95, which is about average and comes in Pink, Black, Clear, Aqua, and Red.  It looks great, performs its primary duty flawlessly and makes me wish I was an iPhone so I could feel as secure in its protective wrapping, as today things are so uncertain couldn’t we all use a bit more of that safe feeling?

     I would definitely recommend this protection for any of you if you are in the market for a new case (disbarring those who use cases as inter-changeable fashion accessories).  This is the best clear case available on the market to date.  Period.  Buy it!

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