Another Teaser Released For Sn0wBreeze.

     The developer of Sn0wBreeze, iH8Sn0w, has posted another teaser video for his new software. Sn0wbreeze is set to be a fairly easy ipsw builder for custom iPhone firmware files.

      iH8Sn0w says:

     “Another Teaser… I have no


Refurbished iPhone 3GS Only $149!

     AT&T has now begun offering refurbished iPhone 3GS’ for only $149! Of course this would involve the signing of a new 2-year contract with data plan. If it didn’t already seem like everyone and their mother had an iPhone, …


Apple Releases A New Update To The Remote App.

     Apple has released a new minor update to their ever popular Remote application. The update does fix a few bugs as well as make it compatible with the latest software.


Remote 1.3.3 provides …


Multifl0w, Bringing Multitasking To The iPhone Soon!

     Developer Aaron Ash has recently released this video showing the use of his new app Multifl0w. Multifl0w brings the ability to actively switch between background applications to life. Aaron hopes to have Multifl0w available on Cydia as soon as …


In App Advertisements In The Near Future.

     It is rumored that you might be seeing commercials when you boot up your favorite App Store apps! Imagine paying for Beejive only to have an unauthorized ad crammed down your throat everytime you open it to chat.



ATT Tries To Set The Record Straight On Verizon Ads.

     AT&T has had its fair share of ads attacking the iPhone or their own networks inadequacies. Now they have a rival ad that does both. Verizon has been releasing quite a few ads that try and break down AT&T’s …


Apple’s Review Process Causes Facebook App Developer to Call It Quits!

     We all are very aware of how horrible, biased, and hypocritical Apple’s App Review process can be and the number of very valuable apps they have left behind. But now the developer of one of the most popular …


Ikee, The First Worm Targeting Jailbroken iPhones, Has Been Reported!

     There has been a new worm that is targeting specifically jailbroken iPhones reported in Australia today. The worm is named after its creator Ikee.

     The Ikee worm doesn’t seem to do anything harmful to the iPhone other …


RadioShack Announces That They Will Carry The iPhone!

     RadioShack made the announcement that they will be carrying the iPhone by the end of this month.

     “As part of its ongoing mobility strategy, RadioShack is pleased to announce that it will introduce Apple’s iPhone 3G and iPhone …


GeoHot Released blacksn0w Yesterday!

     Yesterday evening GeoHot announced he was releasing blacksn0w and RC3 of blackra1n. The new release of blacksn0w allows anyone using the 05.11.17 baseband will finally be able to unlock their iPhones for use with another provider.


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