Now why would anyone want to buy fake iPhones? The only reasons we can come up with is to either resell to some unsuspecting person, or just to walk around and act like you are one of the “cool” people that have a real iPhone. But at this point every Tom, Dick, and Harry has an iPhone so it isn’t like you would stand out in any sort of crowd.

     Either way there is a new website, called, that is selling these fake bundles of crap. On their site they have a little explanation as to “why” you might want one of these:

     “Why would you buy an iPhone dummy aka “display model” or “display phone”? We have no idea, but you know you want one. Oh, of course, you can use it for photographs, as decoration in your room, or impress your friends with it, but we all know it will end up trashed somewhere. So buy two. Or three. Oh, and don’t forget to send us your iPhone-smashing/crashing/trashing/microwaving video’s or pictures to get 25% off on your next order!”

     So if you want to smash, impersonate, or sell an iPhone look-a-like then look no further, because has what you are looking for!