Yet another statement made by AT&T officials is making its way around the net, causing everyone to come to a multitude of conclusions as to if there is actually an underlying message. In fact when I read this statement, made by AT&T Mobility CEO Ralph de la Vega, I found it very hard to believe he was “hinting” at anything. But in response to questions asking about what he will do if and when the iPhone exclusivity ends, here is his statement so you to come to your own conclusion.

     “We have a legacy of having a great portfolio…that will continue after the iPhone is no longer exclusive to us. “We think we will continue after the iPhone…to drive [results]….”

     “Even if we lose exclusivity [of the iPhone], we will be the only carrier with HSPA 7.2 [a network specification being deployed at AT&T] and [new devices] will work on our network faster,” de la Vega said. “I feel as strongly as ever [about] the capability of devices in our lineup and [am] super-excited about the deals with e-readers and personal navigation devices. “

     At this point I have no idea where Apple would go if they end their contract with AT&T. Before the anti-iPhone ads started coming out by Verizon I thought surely they were next in line, but now I can’t see why Apple would side with the enemy. Who knows, maybe Apple will surprise us and go with one of the other two horrible carriers, Sprint or T-Mobile.