Across the blogosphere, many people read that AT&T was rumored to have iPhone tethering available this year. Although this was said to never be an official statement from AT&T we all had high hopes.

     Now according to 9 to 5, an unofficial Apple news blog, an AT&T spokesman told them to remove the statement that said tethering was coming in late 2009 from their site. A prominent move such as this by AT&T can only hint that they are not ready for the media to make such claims because they must be that far behind.

     It seems that AT&T’s PR is trying to scrub out any info on when iPhone tethering will come about in hopes to squash any ideas on its arrival date. In fact just a week ago AT&T made comments stating that their network would need further “fine tuning” before it could be ready for an iPhone tethering option.