Earlier today GeoHot announced the release of his new blackra1n tool for computers running Windows. blackra1n is made to work on any device running firmware 3.0 or later with the only exception being the newest iPod Touch. The Touch can’t be jailbroken permanently because it requires a tethered break. This means that if you ever let the battery run completely out, or if you restart the device you will need to hook it back up to your PC and re-jailbreak it. Also please keep in mind that you shouldn’t be upgrading to firmware 3.1.2 on your iPhones yet, as this will upgrade your baseband and you could possibly lose your unlock permanently.

     Just like any breakthrough jailbreak, it does not actually unlock the iPhone. To unlock your device you would need to add specific Cydia repositories to download the appropriate unlock files. It is unknown weather or not GeoHot will release a Mac version in the near or distant future. To download the blackra1n tool please go to its website, www.blackra1n.com and click the Windows logo.