It is now rumored that AT&T has decided it was in their best interest to allow VOIP applications access to their network. Now that the dust has slightly settled from the removal of the GV Mobile app from the App Store, AT&T thinks its network might actually be able to handle the load.

     It was obvious before what the reasoning behind their decision was, the apparent loss of income and stress on the network, but it still put them in a bad PR light. But now that Google has decided to go with the largest carrier, Verizon, on releasing new VOIP Android handsets, now AT&T seems to want to join the dinner party.

     So now we have Verizon & Google in one hand,  with AT&T and Apple in the other. Who will users choose? The best provider with an up and coming handset created by the great titan Google, or the worst network but the best smartphone to date?