Yesterday on GeoHot’s website he made reference to what seems to be a new program he is working on that will jailbreak all devices running 3.1 firmware by stating, “and prepare to meet the program that will jailbreak them all.”

     In later comments he goes on to say that it is in no way affiliated with greenpois0n and is actually a different jailbreak than he previously released purplera1n. While it might be different he does promise that it will still be a 10 second jailbreak and “may work for every version of software *ever*, based on the prettiness of the exploit.”

     While he hasn’t responded to a few comments asking about the release date and weather or not it will be released on both Mac and PC it is safe to assume that he will be releasing the first version rather quickly, with it probably being available to PC users first. So within the next week we should see a jailbreak method available across all platforms and devices.