AT&T recently released MMS capailities for their iPhones much to the long awaited shock of its users. With this release, it is easy to understand how “iPhone” and “MMS” have become some of the most popular Googled terms.

     Many malicious hackers have decided this is a perfect cover to trick you into downloading any new “scareware” they would like to release into the unsuspecting public. Scareware, for those who don’t know, is spyware or adware tha “scares” you into thinking your computer is “infected” with plagues of viruses and more spyware. They do this in hopes of “scaring” you into buying their software to clean your computer.

     According to a quote by Stephan Chenette, the manager of security research at Websense, “Up to the top six results for search phrases about iPhone and SMS are poisoned”, which he then said “obviously has to do with the iPhone’s new MMS feature”. “This isn’t going away, it’s too successful of a tactic,” said Chenette. “[Attackers] are taking the way that engines are populating their results and using it to their advantage. There’s nothing search engines can really do about it unless they redesigned how they create results from the ground up.”

     This is obviously not the first or the last time this tactic will be used and we all need to take caution when finding and downloading online files. Especially when hacking your trusty iPhone. So hack smart and know what you’re downloading!