As many of us have been quite aware of for several weeks now is that MMS for the, AT&T exclusive, iPhone will be launched at 10AM EST time tomorrow September 25th. But will this really be the great gift we all imagine it will be?

     AT&T is known far and wide for their horrible 3G network and their lack of anticipation when it comes to iPhone launches, so why should this time be any different? Each time a new iteration of the iPhone is released AT&T’s network seizes up and causes all users to experience outages in some form or another. So it is no surprise that a statement on DSLReports said that, “AT&T is extremely nervous about the impending launch of MMS for the iPhone scheduled for this Friday”.

     This is said because even in the testing phase of the iPhone’s MMS AT&T reported they are already experiencing network stress and issues. Sadly this is only when there are a handful of users currently testing the service. Who knows what will happen when MMS is released tomorrow morning. It was also rumored that the release of MMS will cause AT&T’s network traffic to increase by 40% which will easily cause outages and issues across the network.

     At this point it is becoming very hard to believe that AT&T won’t magically spring an excuse, merely hours before release, with some bogus story as to why MMS can’t be available right now. When we all know the truth, it isn’t ready because THEY aren’t ready and won’t be for some time. It seems that the only tactic they like to use is “fight or flight”. They forcibly back themselves in a corner simply to get the motivation to pull through. Good luck AT&T, we’re counting on ya…