As early as a few days ago reports started springing up saying that some iPhone users are now able to use MMS features even though it is weeks before the September 25th launch date.

     Some believed at first that it was just merely a test gone awry but now that the feature has maintained usability it seems a more definite activation. While although you could download a fixed carrier package to add the feature to your phone you would just get an error when trying to send any MMS files until AT&T removes the opt-out feature on your individual account.

     However if you want to check, just to be sure, if your phone is one of the few random accounts that has been activated you can check under Settings–>General–>Network and there should be a new section called Cellular Data Services. If you have this option then you are in luck because your MMS is active!

     Mark Siegel, speaking on behalf of AT&T, advised us that “AT&T cannot confirm early activations of MMS on the iPhone” and that “they are still on target for the September 25th activation of MMS for all iPhone users. The activation will occur via software update on that date when users sync their iPhone in iTunes.”