AT&T recently posted a video trying to explain why their network has been having so many issues. iPhone users are largely to blame for the outages with every Tom, Dick, and Harry getting one regardless if they really are going to use it or not. It is the latest fashion so to speak. Regardless AT&T knew what they were getting into and knew there was going to be trouble, but they insisted on cutting corners and giving the short straw to its customers.

      “We’ve been working for months to prepare the radio access controllers in our network to support this launch. That means calibrating base stations all over the country, and frankly that’s a very time-consuming process. MMS for the iPhone will be coming on September 25th. We wanted to make sure that when MMS for the iPhone launches, the experience was great. We wanted to get it right.

     The bottom line is this: we have heard you. We are on it. And we will use this hard-won experience to lead the industry into the future.”