It has recently been confirmed that AT&T is going to enable the long awaited MMS feature on September 25th! This is a slight ray of hope that one day they will enable tethering as well!

     On launch day AT&T will enable a software update via iTunes that will be available for the iPhone 3G and 3GS only. Even though AT&T blames the network not being ready they still should have had the service available from day 1. It says a lot for AT&T’s service when every other carrier in the world was ready to roll on 3GS launch day with the exception of AT&T.

     “It was important to give our customers a positive experience from day one,” AT&T said. “We support more iPhone customers than any other carrier in the world so we took the time necessary to make sure our network is ready to handle what we expect will be a record volume of MMS traffic. We truly appreciate our customers’ patience and hope they’ll understand our desire to get it right from the start.”