When I first got this App I was rather sceptic; another G.P.S. app on the App Store harnessing 3.0’s brand-new MapKit API. I opened the App, waited until it loaded then my draw dropped wide open.

     I was dazzled by iGo’s incredible and intuitive User Interface! It provides a brand new form of using a satellite-guided application. I was first rather sceptic about this new presentation, but after a few tries I’m more then addicted to the method.

      I noticed a few cons when traveling with this app; firstly there is no “blocked road” function, and it doesn’t seem as-accurate as other GPS apps. It sometimes even thinks you’re on a parallel road whilst on the highway. The voice-over sometimes stops speaking, which could be rather annoying when driving, but the most annoying part is probably when you can’t understand what the voice is trying to say.

     But don’t think that this app isn’t worth buying! On the contrary, despite a few “bugs” which can be fixed in a future update this app has some rather unique features like the “easy” road, which will make you take the easiest route possible. This is rather useful when you’re somewhere you have never been.

     A great feature (really visual) that might make you smile when you’re in your car is the landscape and 3D monuments view. They added 3D models of the landscape (i.e. you’ll see the mountain next to you) and models of monuments. If you’re driving next to the Eiffel Tower you’ll have its 3D representation on your screen.

     Overall this app is really worth buying! I would recommend it to anyone who wants a stable app with a great and easy-to-use User Interface!