The “Free Memory” function has become present in numerous apps both in the App Store and Cydia, but that will soon change. Apple has decided to put their foot down on the subject and demand all developers who currently use this function to remove it asap.

     Apple has banned any app on the App Store from being able to run in the background, for obvious memory hogging reasons. However Apple allows many of their stock applications, such as Mail, Safari, and iPod, to continue to run in the background making your iPhone signifigantly more difficult to use. This very hypocritical stance on the subject is what is making developers very angry.

     The developer of a popular app on the App Store, iStat, had this to say on the matter, “Apple simply called us and demanded we remove the “free memory” feature. They wouldn’t give a reason as to why it had to be removed. We basically had a choice between removing it or having the app deleted by Apple if we didn’t. Neither were great solutions but we talked with as many of our users as we could and more of them wanted updates then the free memory feature so thats the route we took. The “free memory” feature accomplishes its task by allocating memory until the iPhone OS detects critically low memory levels and terminates the other background processes.”

     On the other hand those who have their iPhone jailbroken can still utilize this functionality by using one of the apps on Cydia that offers it. In fact BigBoss’ newest update to SBSettings included the feature by default. Who knows what the next thing will be that Apple bans.