You know that device you hold dear? That phone that has an app for everything, and almost never lets you down? That wonderful device, Apple’s iPhone, has not shown the same kindness to certain users who were hurt by exploding iPhones. Yassine Bouhadi, the Frenchman who was injured, says he received a full face of glass when the explosion happened.  “I want an explanation about this d***ed telephone,” said 26-year-old Bouhadi after the incident, and he intends to press charges.

     There have been more exploding iPhone incidents in Europe, but Apple assures the European Union that so far the exploding screen reports were “isolated incidents”. Another instance was when a French teenager received an injury to her eye by another explosion. There have also been issues with iPods bursting into flames, but there have been no reports of serious injuries. One of the aforementioned iPod incidents happened to an eleven-year-old British girl, and people weren’t too happy about that. Choisir, a spokesman for France’s consumer rights group, asks, “We want to know if this is an isolated incident as they claim, or a real problem involving the iPhone – in which case, what are they planning by way of compensation and to prevent it from happening again?”

     I found that my old 1st generation iPod touch had issues with over-heating after being charged, and sometimes it would come to the point of burning my hands. Evidence and reports have shown that this, and many other issues, is due to over-heating of the lithium ion battery. Although these happenings are startling, Apple has improved their devices greatly, and safety issues do not seem to be a big problem. For the time being, I wouldn’t worry about the possibility of your iPhone exploding in your face; keep enjoying the apps you love.