Bosspaper v1.0

     About two weeks ago, BigBoss released the stable, non-beta version of Bosspaper in Cydia. This version (v1.0) included some sensible and well anticipated features to the already long list. If you remember my last post on BigBoss’ Bosspaper, the initial features were abundant. Before the Bosspaper Beta was even released, BigBoss listed features that would be in the upcoming app. With low CPU usage, the option to hide icon labels, fade options, and much more, BigBoss’ original preview of Bosspaper got many iPhone users excited.

     In version 1.0, Bosspaper has some added features such as a sequential wallpaper rotation option. Another one of Bosspaper’s nifty features is the ability to choose images from any of your photo folders on your iPhone. Originally you could only choose from the camera roll and installed theme wallpapers. The new convenience of using a wide variety of wallpaper folders makes it much easier to sate your customization needs. You now have the ability to sync wallpaper folders to your iPhone, and use a combination of wallpapers from each!

     Not only does Bosspaper have better wallpaper folder options, you can find quite a few Bosspaper-specific wallpaper themes on Cydia. Bigboss has made his renowned Bigboss Fantasy Packs into Bosspaper packs add-ons, and if you’ve never used his wallpapers, they are absolutely epic.

     To my surprise, it turns out that Bigboss did not originally put an option for a single wallpaper in Bosspaper. Though this is an obvious need, it was somehow forgotten at first. Luckily, Bigboss added a single wallpaper option even before Bosspaper was out of Beta. To be even more thorough and to conserve CPU, Bigboss made sure that no timers are running while only one wallpaper is selected.

      BigBoss is doing his best to suit the needs of the iPhone community, but there are still requested features that BigBoss is reluctant to add to Bosspaper. One of the largely requested features is lockscreen wallpaper support. This request, though it sounds promising, would take up tons of CPU. Unless BigBoss could figure out a way to stop the rotation when the screen turns off, I don’t see this happening. Although, a single lockscreen wallpaper option would not take up the CPU that a rotating wallpaper would, so that might be a possibility. Another requested feature is the option to switch the icon label text. BigBoss’ response to this request is, “Theoretically this could get into ‘let me choose the icon label color’ which was out of scope for the project since it focuses on wallpapers, but I may do it anyway.”

     With all the current Bosspaper features, and those that might be added, it may be possible that Bosspaper will eventually replace Winterboard. BigBoss does not want to replace Winterboard, but considering all of the outstanding Bosspaper features that Winterboard does not have, it may happen after all. I, for one, am thrilled with BigBoss’ bountiful work for the iPhone community. SBSettings, BossPrefs, and Categories have given meaning to the Dev-Team’s Jailbreak. Bosspaper, with more than 94,000 downlaods, is increasing BigBoss’ renown even more.