With the addition of the “landscape” mode into the Mail app it has started being used as my main method of email composition, but that could soon change. Cult of Mac reader Matt Janssen recently announced that the Mail app has a major security flaw that could allow others to view your deleted email with an easy search.

     Those who use the new firmware update 3.0, regardless if it’s for the iPhone 2G, 3G, 3GS, or any iPod,  might want to watch how many sensitive emails they have stored on their iPhone. Even if you delete the email from your iPhone, and even your actual mail server, the iPhone will still be able to find it for you. This could be really bad for anyone who is trying to hide anything from loved ones, co-workers, or anyone else for that matter.

     “Obviously this is could be a major security issue if you think you deleted something from your iPod but it’s not really deleted,” says Janssen. “You can still search through messages that are deleted. And this isn’t messages that are just recent. I found some messages that are over three or four months old.”

     Below is a video that show what happens when Janssen searches for his deleted email.