Soon after the 8GB iPhone 3GS rumors were snuffed out, a new one started making its rounds. It was originally thought that a new 8GB iPhone 3GS was going to be released. The iPhone 8GB 3GS was aimed at replacing the iPhone 8GB 3G when they were eventually all sold. It was going to remain at he $99 mark just like the current iPhone 3G. However when Gizmodo contacted Customer Support at Rogers, where the rumor originated, they were informed that no such device existed or will anytime soon.

     However the image shown above shows new information given to Gizmodo from a Rogers employee showing their stock entry for the rumored iPhone 8GB 3GS. This is what the employee at Gizmodo had to say about the image:

“It clearly shows that an 8GB 3GS has been added to our stock list and is the same price as the 3G coming in at 99$…

The first listing is showing 74.00$ (promo price with data plan and minus customers 25$ discount)

The second listing shows the phone if the customer does not choose a data plan, which is normall 299$ minus said $25 discount, so $274

I think that when 3G stock runs out they are going to build 99$ 3GSs since those are the parts they are ordering, might as well keep the parts list minimal…”

     One would assume that this information about a new version of the 3GS would be accurate considering the 3G and 3GS cost the same in parts. This would be a good move financially for Apple to open up yet another version they could sell for a slightly cheaper price.