Apple has been known to be quite senseless when it comes to accepting Apps into the App Store. A while back, apple rejected a Twitter client for the iPhone. Apple’s reason for this was that profane language was contained in the app’s Twitter updates. This means that because of profane words that were in individuals’ Twitter updates, Apple rejected the app. This is very inconsistent, because apps like Facebook, and Apple’s own Safari will often contain foul language. Profanity is a given as far as the internet is concerned, and Apple needs to snap out of this unreasonable mindset.

     An instance that is almost as bad is when Apple censored and almost rejected the NinjaWords application, an iPhone-friendly dictionary. NinjaWords was said by Apple to have objectionable content, and therefore was censored and given a 17+ rating on the App Store.

     Crosby brings it to our attention that’s app was accepted into the App Store even though it shows profane words when you type only part of the word. This is quite maddening, since NinjaWords requires you to type the entire word if said word is profane.’s app is rated 4+, and NinjaWords is rated 17+! If that makes any sense at all, please, somebody, let me know.

     There are plenty more examples of Apple’s crazy methods for accepting applications, and Apple probably isn’t going to change their ways any time soon. Let’s all be glad third-party app stores exist, because when Apple fails, Cydia doesn’t.