As we all know, one of the best things about the iPhone is the completely useless apps that do nothing more than show off how cool you are because you own an iPhone. Everyone remember the I Am Rich app? These apps don’t help you get to your destination, check up on your friends, have you save the world, or even remind you of what to buy at the grocery store. No. These apps simply have no point to them other than showing off your iPhone, and for that reason only, we should hold these apps high.

     One app that definitely fits the bill, is the one aptly named “The Most Useless App Ever”, by RIV Creations. Have you ever felt disappointed that an app wasn’t living up to your expectations? With “The Most Useless App Ever” you will not have this problem. This app absolutely lives up to it’s title, being absolutely useless. Even the makers themselves warn you that this app is useless. The whole point of the app is just to sit and have a pointless conversation with a person named Tom. Simply click through Tom’s remarks by clicking the right arrow. If you missed a comment, you can always just click the left arrow and go back and see what he said. As you ponder through with Tom, you’ll actually find yourself quietly responding to his questions in your head. Tom will berate you or try and be your best friend. He will even warn you that he is going to fry your phone, but don’t worry, he doesn’t…or does he. Over all this app received high remarks just for simply living up to it’s name, and giving about 10 minutes of time wasting fun.

     So if you’re looking for an app that lives up to it’s title and does nothing more than just really take up space on your iPhone, this is the app for you. Definitely 5 out of 5 stars on the scale of wonderfully useless apps.