Everyone loves penguins. So why not download the new game from ITPM Inc., Penguins! Which is now available on the Apple App Store for a reasonable $1.99.

     From the time you spot the cool icon on your Springboard till you beat every last bit, you will easily be hooked on it. The game has a very simple concept but can be very addicting. Once you launch the application you are prompted to enter your name and then press the start button, which then starts the gameplay. You appear as a small blue penguin that is on his way home from a party (actually it doesn’t say so it could really be anything), but he has one problem. There are tons of deadly icicles falling from the sky. You must tilt your device either left or right to avoid the falling death traps. You keep continuing to dodge the icicles and your score continues to rise. As you gain points your level also rises, and with each level the icicles fall faster and more often making your trip home even harder. Yes the inevitable will happen: your penguin gets hit and dies. You are then directed to the highscore menu which lets you save your score locally and even on an online global scoreboard(I myself am in 45th place). This makes the game even more addictive as you strive to get 1st place.

     Penguins! is a game jam packed with great features and gameplay and keeps you coming back to play more. It also has great background music to keep you entertained while you play. It even has three different difficulty settings to make it more challenging for more experienced players. You will soon be able to choose your own penguin in a future release for even more fun. Penguins! Is a great game so go check it out on iTunes now!