There are certainty lots of different games available for the iPhone in the App Store, but very few cater to hardcore gamers. Now with the release of CS.One gamers can put down their controllers and boot up their good old iPhone and have the same fun without a console or a PC.

     Circuit_Strike.One, a new game from Chillingo, gives you one simple simple challenge: hack “The Network”. In gameplay, you are a spaceship-like character that must maneuver around “The Network” and destroy the systems drones but more importantly destroy each system core.

     When you first launch the application you have many different options to control your gameplay experience. First off you are prompted to sign up for a H.Grenade account. If you choose to you can access the leaderboards and submit your own stats. You obviously need an internet connection to use this feature. Once you have selected either “Online” or “Offline” you will proceed to the main menu. From there you have four options. You can start a new game, check out highscores, check out your personal stats, or view the game credits.

     Once you select “New Game” you are asked to choose your skill level. By default only “Easy” is unlocked. As you proceed through the game you unlock the other difficulties. You then are asked to select your controller. You can choose between the “Basic” and “Advanced” Controller, which is my favorite feature of the application. If you choose the “Basic” controller you can direct your player in four different directions and use the acceleration and fire controls. If you choose the “Advanced” controller you have complete control over you player. You drag your finger on the screen to move you in any direction and use the buttons to control your acceleration and weapons.

     Now that you have chosen your gameplay options you are finally ready to play. You infiltrate “The Network” and instantly the attackers start to come at you. You must dodge or destroy them and at the same time try to disable the level’s “Core”. Once you have destroyed the Core you move onto the next level with more skilled attackers and a stronger Core. Once you have successfully destroyed the last Core you will complete the game and submit your score.

     CS.One is a wonderfully made game and has some of the best graphics I have seen on the iPhone. It also has very impressive audio. The various loops and music tracks flow seamlessly between each other making CS.One a real joy to play. I strongly suggest playing CS.One with a good pair of headphones or hooking your iPhone up to a stereo system. You will really be surprised of how well the audio was done.

     There is so many good things about CS.One but like all applications there are some cons. First off, even on the “Easy” difficulty setting some casual iPhone users may find it pretty hard to pass the first few levels. Also due to the heavy graphics and audio it takes quite a lot of processing power to run smoothly. I recommend rebooting your iPhone or if you are a Jailbreak user, quit some processes or use the Free Up Memory feature in SBSettings(which is available on Cydia in the BigBoss repository).

     Chillingo has kept up its reputation and released yet another original game for the iPhone. You can purchase it from the Apple AppStore for only $0.99.