I know many of you have jailbroken your iPhones, and have most likely done something in the way of customizing the iPhone GUI. One of the features that Apple left out of the iPhone is the ability to change the homescreen wallpaper, and that’s just plain unreasonable to many iPhone users. However, the Dev-Team and Saurik have allowed this feature and many others with the creation of the Jailbreak and Winterboard. My personal favorite when it comes to Winterboarding is changing the wallpaper of the springboard(the homescreen).

     With the Winterboard application, one has the ability to either use downloaded themes from Cydia or install your own into your iPhone via SSH. Themes usually include a variation of lock-screen sliders, application icons, carrier logos, springboard docks, wallpapers, etc. Because of this method of customizing your iPhone, changing the wallpaper becomes much more difficult than we are used to. On your Mac or PC, all you have to do is go into your settings and choose a wallpaper from there.

     Well, you should all be glad to hear that BigBoss is busy making it possible to change your springboard wallpaper as easily as changing your lockscreen wallpaper. Not only is he doing that, there will be an abundance of customization features packed into BigBoss’ upcoming wallpaper application, BossPaper.

      BigBoss should be releasing BossPaper in Cydia within the next few days, and it will revolutionize the way you change your wallpaper. BigBoss says that users will have the ability to use photos from the Camera Roll as well as wallpapers from separately installed themes! There will be a wallpaper dimming function, and users will have the option to hide icon labels.

     BossPaper will amaze you with its wallpaper rotation powers as well. BigBoss is implimenting rotating effects such as fade, water drop, and page curl. Not only will you be able to choose the effects you want your wallpaper to have, you can configure the duration of the effects as well. BossPaper lets you make wallpapers rotate on a timer,  when an application closes, or a combination of the two. BigBoss has also added another feature that is quite brilliant, I must say. BossPaper stops the rotation of wallpapers whenever an application is opened, therefore minimizing CPU usage and battery drain. The wallpaper.html method of wallpaper rotation would continually rotate even while you weren’t on the home screen; BigBoss’ approach is much more convenient.

     When I heard about BossPaper, I got extremely excited. This will be one of the most amazing ways to take advantage of the Dev-Team’s jailbreak. Keep a lookout on Cydia for BossPaper so you can be one of the first to experience its glory.