There are literally thousands of different games available on the Apple App Store. Now what games you choose are completely up to you, but IPTM Inc. has released its first true “game”, conveniently titled FingerTest.

     FingerTest is a completely new game to the iPhone. It utilizes the iPhone’s huge multi-touch screen to test your tapping skills. It has 3 different stages, each specialized to challenge each one of your iPhone skills.

     Once you download the app from the App Store and flick to your last page you will see the shinny new application icon. When you launch the app you arrive at the main menu. From here you have three different options. You can “Start Game” which obviously starts a new game, “Instructions” which tells you how to play, or you can see your scores from “HighScore”.

     After you start a new game you will face the first stage. You will need to “tap” the targets as many times as you can in 30 seconds. You can see both the number of seconds remaining and also see a visual bar that slowly drains as your time runs out. From there you move on to the second stage. This time you have to tap the targets as they move by you. You can see your hit percentage in the middle of the screen and again the bar showing how much time you have remaining. Once you have finished you will proceed to the third stage which involves you tapping the screen as many times as you can in the same 30 second time period. After you have finished the last stage you will be brought to the results page which shows you exactly how you did on each stage and then gives you a final grade along with a numeric score. It saves your highest score and it can be viewed at anytime from the main menu.

     FingerTest is a fun filled game that tests your hand-eye coordination and your ability to tap the screen. Just beware, if you find yourself playing the game in public it may look like you are very angry with your iPhone and you may get some weird glances, but its fun so who cares? Right?

     FingerTest is now available on the Apple AppStore for an awesome $0.99