Toki Tori the new game from Chillingo claims to be both a platform game and a puzzle game. They have created a completely original game that uses both your intelligence and coordination. Toki Tori is available on the Apple App Store for $1.99 but the Lite version can be downloaded for free.



     When you first launch the app you are greeted by a happy yellow bird and some energetic music. From there you proceed to the Main Menu which is where you can start the game, change gameplay options or view the credits. In the Options menu you can toggle the Sound Effects and the in game music, erase your saved game, as well as change the location of the Item Bar. Now that you have set your options you are ready to play. You will then be prompted to Select a World. There are four worlds to choose from but only the first is unlocked at the beginning of the game. When you begin you will be shown your objectives for the first level shortly before the game begins. You will then be briefed on how to control Toki Tori. The gameplay is quite simple , all you have to do is tap the location you want him to go.

     On the first level you must collect all 11 little eggs, and while doing so the puzzle part of the game comes into play. Even though Toki Tori is a bird he cannot fly, so you must collect all of the eggs in a way that does not involve him having to fly up to a higher ledge. The first level is very easy. All you must do is collect all the eggs that are at the top and then slowly make your way down to the bottom of the level. But on the second level you now obtain a special ability to use, Bridge Building. You can use this to build bridges across places you can’t cross. The rest of the game follows that same pattern and as you progress you will unlock new abilities and new levels.


     Toki Tori is a great adventure game that requires you to actually think. It also has peppy music and cute characters. Toki Tori has almost everything you would want, including over 80 different levels and four different worlds. You can never get bored because each level is different from the previous. The cool abilities and bonuses make the levels more interesting. On top of the great concept and planning, the graphics are crystal clear. Most of the gameplay is 3D, making the game even better eye candy! Toki Tori has some of the most advanced graphics I have seen on the iPhone and can be comparative to the Nintendo DS graphics.


     Toki Tori is a good game but it’s not prefect. First off being a big music buff, I prefer to listen to my own iTunes library over the game’s music. But Toki Tori does not allow you to do so. This is a pretty simple issue and can be fixed in future updates. Just like any 3D iPhone game it takes a huge amount of processing power. I suggest using SBSettings to clear up some memory and if you aren’t jailbroken then I suggest rebooting your device both before and after playing. I do have to admit that after a few levels I have trouble beating them and I think that the majority of users won’t complete all of the levels in a short time and some may be unbeatable. Implementation of level codes would greatly help if you are stuck on one specific level.

The Bottom Line

     Toki Tori is a great game for all ages and combines great programming with innovative ideas. There are some cons like not being able to play your own music during gameplay, or the high memory usage, but the Pros balance it out and make it a positive game experience. I give Toki Tori 4 ½ stars. I personally recommend buying this game and with a few small updates it could definitely be one of the best games on the iPhone. Toki Tori is now available for only $1.99 on iTunes and you can also try the Lite version.