In this economy everybody is watching how they spend their money, but you may not notice how much cash you spend each day and after a while that adds up. You could record all your spending in a ledger or notebook, but who has the time to take out a pen and write it down each time. Now there is an quick and convent solution in the App Store.

     MTracker, a new finance application on iTunes, allows you to setup multiple “accounts” that let you track how you spend you money. MTracker enables you to setup an account. You then can deposit or withdraw money as you make different transactions This allows you to “track” your money as you spend it.

     MTracker is also great to keep track of your money when you are traveling. Especially if you are traveling in countries that use a different currency. You can easily track your cash and when you are running low you can stop buy a bank to convert some more cash. This way you will never be caught without cash while you are on the streets of another country.

     All in all, MTracker is a great all around application for everyday use. It is also great for all of those travelers out there. The possibilities are endless, and it’s all for a great price: $0.99. I recommend this app to anyone who finds themselves shopping a lot or just if you like to keep track of your cash.