The concept of Tower Defense games have been generally the same, but sometimes even the most passionate TD gamers get tired of the same old, same old. But with the new Knights Onrush from Chillingo, iPhone gamers will find themselves spending even more time on their iPhone.

     In Knights Onrush you must defend your castle from the attacking knights. You pick up the attackers and “flick” them away from your castle. As you move through each wave the variety of the attackers change and their skills increase. As you complete each wave you can purchase more upgrades for your castle, and other weapons to destroy your enemies.

     To start with, the gameplay offers three different game modes: Campaign, Endless Siege, and Madness. In the campaign mode you must survive a certain amount of waves each day, and then once you beat the allotted amount of waves you move on to the next level. You must purchase upgrades and other towers and defenses to keep your enemies away.

     The Endless Siege mode keeps throwing more and more waves at you and it is “Endless”. After each wave you still have the choice to view the shop and buy some upgrades. It is very similar to the Campaign mode just without the different levels and maps to move up to.

     The Madness mode is by far my favorite and the most fun mode in the game. The game throws waves of very strong opponents right from the start, but your castle is better protected. With the Madness mode both avid gamers and the average users will have a great time. It removes all of the time it takes to build up a strong defense but adds the harder opponents to balance it out. This combination makes the game fun for part time players who just play whenever they are bored and makes it challenging for the gamers who play all the time.

     Now that we have covered the gameplay we now need to cover the performance. The graphics are amazing but with most games with higher quality you seem to have laggy gameplay and constant SpringBoard crashes. But with Knights Onrush I didn’t experience any of these problems. This makes the game even more playable, and more fun, because you don’t have to keep rebooting or restarting you games.

     The game is now available on iTunes for USD 4.99. That is a little bit above the norm for some games but with the great performance and fun gameplay it is well worth the money.

     Knights Onrush is a great game and with its fast performance, detailed graphics, and fun gameplay you will be playing Knights Onrush for days.