The Apple iPhone has succeeded in being the smartest “smart phone” on the market throughout most of its existence. Over the years, Apple has increased the functionality of the iPhone to better suit the user’s interest. With the Edge iPhone, the iPhone 3G, and now the iPhone 3GS, Apple has proved to the public that its technology just keeps getting better. Applications such as CubeCheater also make it clear that the iPhone is no ordinary phone. There’s something special about the iPhone, and developers have had a grand time manipulating its almighty powers.

     Apple is starting to dream big about the iPhone’s future, and apparently has plans for something that will baffle the public once more. Some of their plans have been leaked that suggest the integration of face recognition, text message filtering, and a smarter text messaging interface for the iPhone

     Face recognition would obviously have its uses. Imagine having the ability to make your iPhone only allow the person with a certain face to use it. Imagine downloading an app from the App Store that lets you give names to your friend’s faces so that when you take a picture of their face, it repeats their name much like iPhoto’s “Faces” currently does. Not only would these possibilities confirm the iPhone’s proficiency, they would only add to the countless hours of fun the iPhone provides.

     A text message filter is something that would make many parents favor the iPhone. This might mean limiting received messages to certain senders and preventing you from sending messages to unauthorized recipients. Another text message filter feature could possibly be replacing vulgar language with asterisks. The more “parental control” features that are added, the more parents will buy the iPhone/iPod touch for their child on a holiday.

      It is rumored that the smarter text messaging interface may feature unread message reminders that would stop you from sending a message or making a call that isn’t necessary. Take this scenario for instance. Say you were texting with a friend and he says something rude, and then proceeds to text you in order to tell you he was just kidding. However, let’s say you didn’t realize you received the second text message, and you get quite angry. You then try to call him to insult his mother when your brilliant iPhone notifies you that he was just kidding. Now that’s the next generation in technology: a phone that assists you with your friendships.