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     Like in every new firmware, many iPhone OS device owners all over the web report battery life issues after upgrading to 3.0. The reason this time however, is mainly because of Apple’s Push Notification feature. I had upgraded to iPhone 3.0 during the beta and I noticed that the battery life drains about 1.5x faster than 2.2.1. But with the public 3.0, I feel as though it’s 3x as fast. It appears as though all the new features that have been implemented into 3.0 are pushing the devices to their limits. I noticed many hang ups and frequent freezes after some moderate usage of the iPhone. Even a great application called FreeMemory doesn’t seem to do the trick.


3.0 Features


     This is most likely a software issue that came bundled with the new features, settings, interface, etc. Some of the causes for the possible “iDrain” are Copy & Paste, Push Notifications, added MMS, iPhone tethering ability, Bluetooth A2DP, application incompatibility, and unstable jailbreaks. It can’t be helped though, at least Apple rolled out a iPhone SDK 3.1 for developers to fine tune their applications for smooth performance on the current and any future software updates.


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*Here’s a few pointers that may help you out:*


  • Mail, Safari, iPod, and Text are stock applications that can run in the background. Simultaneously running these will take up A LOT of system resources. If you are jailbroken, use SBSettings to end some of these processes.
  • Turn off 3G.
  • Turn off Wi-FI.
  • Turn off Push for e-mail accounts and syncing servers such as MobileMe.
  • Turn off Push Notifications for applications.
  • Turn off Fetch.
  • Keep the iPhone on standby when not in use.
  • Set an auto lock time, you never know if you might accident forget to hit the sleep button, resulting in the possibility of extreme battery drainage.
  • Spend less time on heavy-graphics games/applications.
  • If you have an alarm set, but don’t need it, turn it off.
  • When you want to go to your photo album, you have the option to go to it through your Camera.app but doing so will keep the Camera application running WHILE the Photos application is running as well. (does not apply for iPod touch users).
  • Don’t use copy and paste unless you need to; using it creates a process called “pasteboardd” which remembers your copied/cut text. Copying/cutting pictures or large strings of text will slow down your iPhone as pasteboardd keeps the info until your next reboot (or next copy/cut).
  • Your Phone application is ALWAYS running in the background, even on Airplane mode (iPod touch users will not have this process).
  • Use a paid application called Free Memory to flush out some RAM and squeeze in room for other applications. (Note: The current version does not work well on 3.0. The developers are coming out with an update soon).
  • Don’t install WinterBoard; it can take up anywhere from around 5-30MB. Besides you are better off plain and simple than slow and unresponsive.
  • Disable MobileSubstrate add-ons that you don’t use by going to SBSettings>More>MobileSubstrate Extentions
  • Or just don’t install MobileSubstrate.
  • Don’t unlock if you are on an official carrier.
  • Remove applications you rarely use.
  • Get the latest updates for App Store applications; they usually make the application faster, less buggy, and more battery efficient than the version previous.
  • Don’t jailbreak.
  • Reboot fairly often.