Only moments after the iPhone 3G S was released yesterday, Anand Lal Shimpi decided that instead of playing with his iPhone he was going to run some benchmark tests on it. You will be excited as to what he found out!

     Anand Lal Shimpi started off by stating the “secret” hardware makeup of the iPhone 3G S that had been released by T-Mobile some time ago. Further went on to state that due to the faster CPU and new CPU architecture the iPhone 3G S had a 54% faster webpage render time than the old iPhone 3G. Not only did it smoke the iPhone 3G but it was also shown that on almost every website tested the iPhone 3G S was 11% faster than the Palm Pre!

     If rendering webpages isn’t your type of thing then let me also say that the iPhone 3G S had anywhere from 13%-42% faster basic application load times than the iPhone 3G. These improvements are enough for anyone to consider getting an iPhone 3G S!