As of just a little while ago Apple released the public version of iPhone firmware 3.0! You can easily download it via Apple’s website or just by syncing your iPhone with iTunes.

     Now you can enjoy the many new features of 3.o! If you haven’t heard what these new features are you can take a look at the update page on Apple’s website. A few of the more notable features are landscape keyboard, MobileMe find my iphone and remote wipe, copy and paste, sync notes, shake to shuffle, MMS, tethering, improved calendar, and much more. For those of us who have AT&T, please be advised that as of right now MMS and tethering don’t work but should be coming soon.

     As of right now ultrasn0w is set to be released on Friday and it will have the ability to unlock phones with the new baseband. However if you upgrade now and are not on AT&T, or another iPhone carrier, you might be stuck. Hopefully within the next couple of days we will also get word that a new jailbreak has been released for all iPhones.