The wait has been long and grueling but it is finally over, we have the full details on the next generation of iPhone, the iPhone 3G S!

     The iPhone 3G S blows all the fake images, of possible different designs or matte finishes, out of the water and amazes us all by keeping the form factor exactly the same! Same height, width, and almost the same weight.  The new iPhone 3G S weighs only 2 grams more than the original iPhone 3G. But, as anyone knows, 2 grams probably won’t be noticeable by hardly anyone.

     Now as far as hardware goes there are so many things that have received an amazing upgrade! The camera has been upgraded from 2 to 3 megapixels and also has an autofocus feature. This will allow you to take clearer pictures than ever before, as well as you can now record and edit video without any hacked features! Apple decided to add a magnetometer as well so that you can use the virtual compass while you are running around geocaching, or just trying to find your way home. The storage capacity is finally getting to reasonable limits for those of us who are music hounds! You can now have an iPhone that supports 32gb of flash memory, which is double the currently available maximum! The last large feature that everyone has been asking for is stereo bluetooth! You can now listen to your iPhone on your radio or headphones that support the stereo bluetooth profile!

     Besides these major hardware changes there are also numerous new features, that I am sure you are all aware of, on the new iPhone 3.0 firmware. If you have not yet read, or heard, about this new amazing upgrade you can check our old article here. The new firmware is set to be released on June 17th with the new iPhone being released only 2 days after.

     If you are wanting to be one of the first to own an iPhone 3G S you can go to the Apple website and order one now to be delivered on June 19th with free shipping. I also called AT&T business care and asked about wether or not iPhone 3G customers were going to be given the option to upgrade to the iPhone 3G S for the full retail price or the 2 year agreement price as they did before.  I was told as of right now they have not been told one way or another but they were very leanient with the 2G to 3G agreements so he would assume it would be the same in this case. So here is hoping we can all get the new iPhone 3G S at a discounted rate, otherwise it will have to wait…