When you want to listen to radio on your iPhone you probably turn to Pandora or maybe Slacker. But you have a limited amount of skips or a small selection of stations to choose from. So eventually you have to revert back to listening to your iTunes Library. Well, maybe you will have a different possibility in a few weeks. It has been stated that Sirius and XM Radio have created an iPhone application.

     You will be able to download the app from the AppStore for free but you will need to become a subscriber by paying a $13 monthly fee or if you already have XM Radio it will only be an extra $3 a month. You will be able to listen to all of the stations that are available normally, you just wouldn’t need a satellite connection.

     They have not set a release date for the app yet but they believe it will be out within the next couple of months. Like I said before it will be a free app but you will need to pay to listen to any of the stations. I still prefer Pandora over this, but if you are a die hard Satellite Radio fan, your dream has just came true.