Electronic Arts has released a version of Clue (the Classic Board Game) for the iPhone and iPod Touch. Below is the description from the developers.

     “Was it the vixen Scarlet in the Dining Room with a Candlestick or the charmer Green in the Kitchen with Poison? As an aspiring journalist, your assignment is to uncover clues to solve a mysterious murder of a millionaire!

     After scandal rocks his hillside mansion, you set out to question the guests turned suspects and investigate rooms brimming with special effects. Answer the telltale questions of Who, What, Where and How to WIN!”

     The game has all of the same features as the original board game. You can download the game now from the App Store for only $4.99. It may be a little steep for a game you may only play once so you should really take that into consideration if you are thinking about buying it. But, for a few, the game may be a door way to their favorite pastime.