Yesterday, on a Chinese forum, photos of the “Next Generation iPhone” were posted. They were then, quickly removed. But, due to the size of the internet, the photos were preserved and posted all over the internet. The original thread was translated by Samac92.

     The pictures were blurry, like all leaked photos, but they are definitely clear enough to make out the user interface. The pictures claim to show of the new iPhone hardware but it looks extremely similar to the iPhone 3G. We do know that this could be the new hardware because of the shots of the compass and the auto-focus camera, both which would need new hardware to function.

     The auto-focus camera would need a new camera. It is rumored that the new camera will be 3.2 mega pixels, a big upgrade from the current 2.0 mega pixel. The photo also shows a blue square in the picture. This is the acclaimed auto-focus. You then move the small blue square and the camera focuses on that area. For example, if you are taking a picture of your friends faces, then all you have to do is drag the square over their faces and take the picture. This will greatly improve all of the pictures taken with the iPhone. It is also rumored that you will be able to shoot video. There is said to be a toggle at the bottom and you will be able to switch simultaneously.

     We cannot be sure if these pictures are authentic but a lot of evidence points to them being legitimate. All we can do is hope that Apple will add these features and hopefully even more.