Move over Google Maps. Yahoo, take a hike.  UpNext is here.  Upnext, is a mapping app that delivers in spades.  I happen to know the founders of this company personally  (which has been around for a couple of years).  We met when our respective companies both presented to a room full of Venture Capitalists sometime back.  Back then, I was introduced to their amazing mapping technology.  Essentially, they took a gaming engine and mounted a mapping program of their design on top of it to make “UpNext”.

     As it stands right now, they only mapped out the isle of Manhattan, but other cities are in development.  So don’t ditch Google Maps just yet.  But what they have done so far is extremely impressive.  In UpNext, you are able to manually scale, rotate, and fix-point the map with amazing detail.  Subways are able to be toggled with station points made available.  Once  you put in a search, the map will smoothly transport you to where you want to go by zooming out and flying with a birds eye view to then swoop and zoom in right to the exact location, and if there are similarly named locations?  No worries.  UpNext has a scroller where each tap takes you to the next location.  A really cool feature is when you actually tap on the building you are interested in, UpNext actually lists all the proprietorships within that structure.  (This is incredibly useful for those times when you have an address but no name and you know you’re meeting your buddies at a bar on that block, or just want an idea exactly where the location is within the block.)  Click the name of the proprietor and you get the number and full address of the location along with reviews from the UpNext community.

     Now add a GPS to zero in on your actual location for reference, along with blanket searches for Nightlife, Resturaunts, Shopping, Recreation and the ability to list your favorite haunts, and you can see the value. To get an idea of what I am talking about here I strongly suggest you  visit UpNext at their website.  Therein, you will be able to see how their mapping system works.  I can attest UpNext functions exactly and as smoothly in the app, as it does there (all that is missing in the App is the ability to tilt).  What’s really cool too, is the ability to fixate on a location you are going to and automatically update your status on either Facebook or Twtitter right through UpNext.  As a result, you have an extremely advanced, well rounded and fully encompassing mapping program, that even takes your social needs into account.  Google only wishes it was this good.

     UpNext is available in the App Store for $2.99, and in my opinion VERY much worth the price. Go get it now or be left behind.