If you are listening to music and want to change your song you have to unlock your device and then skip to the next song. Then when you come to another song that you want to skip you have to unlock your device again and skip to the next song. The SBSettings Volume MC solves this problem.

     SBSettings Volume MC lets you start the iPod, pause the iPod, skip to the next song, or go back to the previous song, all by utilizing the two buttons on the left side of the device that control the volume. While you have this app enabled it adds the extra functionality to the buttons. If you press the up button it will skip to the next song. If you press the down button you will go back to the previous song. If your iPod is not playing you can press either button to start the first song in your playlist. If  you quickly press both the up and down buttons the iPod will pause.

     SBSettings attempts to fix a really simple problem that almost all iPhone or iPod Touch users encounter. It does exactly what it says it does but you might also find that if you want to change your volume with this enabled you will end up skipping to the next song, but it is definitely a great start. If a toggle button was added in future releases it would definitely be a better add-on. You could just make a playlist in PwnPlayer with just the music you feel like listening to, but some of us are just too lazy I guess.