The iPhone Spree Contest is giving away over 350 apps valued at over $1,000. Lots of iPhone devlopers have joined together to create the iPhone Spree. They are giving away over 80 prizes for free downloads of iPhone apps that would normally cost hundreds of dollars.

     Well, it can be considered a sweepstakes. To win, your name must be chosen from one of the 80 prizes and you will be get an award. Here are the prizes and the amount of apps in each they are giving away.

  • 1st to 3rd – The Spree – You win the 18 applications of the iPhoneSpree
  • 4th – 15-app bundle
  • 5th – 10-app bundle
  • 6th – 7-app bundle
  • 7th and 8th – 5-app bundle
  • 9th – 3-app bundle
  • 10th to the 80th – 2-app bundle

     In order to have a chance to win you must go to and register your name and email address. The contest starts today and continues until June 3rd. If you are a winner you will receive an email with instructions on how to get the apps you won.

    There are two main reasons why the developers are putting their apps on the iPhone Spree. First off, the developers who joined and are giving their apps away want to get more publicity. They get their apps all over the news because consumers love to read about free stuff. They also get people to try their apps and to write reviews on them. Second business has been extremely high in the iPhone market. It is extremely hard to get people to read ads and to actually buy stuff. This will make the user want to click on it because they could get stuff for FREE.