The iPhone and iPod Touch are the best mobile devices and they let you do almost anything that a full computer can do. You can even type up an entire word document, but the only problem is that the keys on the keyboard are so small. iTypeFastr solves this problem.

     iTypeFastr is a new idea in iPhone technology. The iTypeFastr team studied reports about what letters were most typed in worldwide twitter accounts. They took this raw data and came up with the iTypeFastr keyboard. This keyboard makes the more used letters in the alphabet bigger while it leaves less used letters the same size. You don’t have to worry about the less used keys because they are still the original size if not a little larger.

     Once installed it changes the default keyboard to the new iTypeFastr design. This will make typing on your iPhone a breeze. You will find yourself using your iPhone much easier than before. Once you have downloaded it from Cydia you will have a free 14 day trial period. Once that expires you will need to purchase the full serial code that cost a mere $3.99.