Not too many products impress me.  I tend to write reviews only for products that I feel deserve it.  Sticking with this personal tradition of mine I felt the need to inform you of a company called Speck.  Now I found it funny that a company would name itself after a form of smoked ham (it’s delicious BTW).  However, Speck and their products are rather impressive and vary greatly across devices.  Their specialty product lines revolve around device protection or “Cases”.  Their corporate slogan being very inventive and with the double entendre it evokes, says it all; “Best Case Scenario”.  I must admit…I agree with the claim.

     The products range from protective carriers for Laptops to straight out cases for just about every mobile device.  For the purpose of this article I am going to concentrate on their “Candy Shell”.  I bought a Candy Shell in the “Cranberry/White Truffle” (as seen above) variety for my girl friend since she just only recently acquired an iPhone for herself.  I had done a little due diligence before the purchase and liked what I saw and simply HATED with a passion the cheesy pink silicon rubber cover she was using.  So I just could not have her walking around with something so ugly.  So I stumbled upon this company by chance when a trainer in my gym was using another product case from them. After some review and observation of some YouTube Vids, I took the plunge.  Retail for the Candy Shell runs about $35.00, but you can find some slightly better deals if you search the web.

     The meat of this here is I love the product.  When I first got it I was like “this is nice….”,  but when I saw my girlfriend’s iPhone and compared it to mine (I use BodyGuardz) it was growing on me fast like a Swine Flu infection.  I was marveling at the side by side comparison as to how clean and in fact almost OEM looking the Speck Candy Shell was.  Quite frankly, it is so clean looking it could have been an OEM Apple product.  The form, fit, and function are flawless.  There is absolutely zero sag on the sides of the cover and the device has absolutely no play and thus no room to move around within the case.  The case is a hybrid case.  Meaning it has a soft matte silicon gel interior with a hard plastic exterior.  So like a Skittle it is a hard candy shell exterior while being a soft and chewy interior, and it is all one piece.  This lends some very nice advantages in terms of protection.  While the soft interior helps to protect from shock by absorbing blunt force, the hard exterior wards off the damage that can be caused by kinetic force dispersing impact across its surface.  It does all this while looking slick and pretty.

     The case has some very good flexibility and getting the device into the case is easy and with a quick *snop*…it’s in.  Getting it out however is a bit of a chore, but do-able.  So if you’re into changing cases often you may wish to keep this in mind.  Now the power buttons and volume rocker are concealed and hidden away within the silicon.  But Speck, with it’s precision, created soft-gel buttons that slightly protrude from the hard shell. I can assure you the buttons work flawlessly.  Interestingly enough, they seem (to me at least) they are more responsive within the protective confines of the case versus the iPhone naked.  However, for the benefit that is gained by this there is a cost.  This cost is the loss of that slight but definitive tactile *click* you feel when you press the buttons when not encased.  A minor adjustment in my opinion, but you should be aware of this.  The ports are exposed very well and no important openings are obscured or covered.  The Silent Switch above the volume rocker has been given an appropriate port for easy access, and the overall design is extremely well constructed as everything appears to be injection molded.  There are no sloppy seams, nor loose and poorly fitted parts and with the silicon bezel raised, placing the phone face down never allows the screen to touch a surface.

     Going back to my amazement of the product, I was also impressed with the fact that it only increased the depth of the device by about 50%.  As I observed it longer and longer I fell more and more in love with it.  Were I not so conscious to have a non-bulky device I would want one of these.  Hell, to be honest I do want one, but alas, I have no need for it and if I were going to bulk up my iPhone, it would be for an external battery case.  Unfortunately for me however, Speck does not produce such an item for my needs.

     In conclusion I HIGHLY recommend this product’s protection for the iPhone and suggest you go to their site to review their other products as they are all high quality.