The iPhone has turned out to be one of, or maybe the most successful touch phone that has ever hit the market. Apple has sold millions of phones, but there is no stopping there. With a new iPhone on the way, many experts believe that Apple will increase sales, even with the recession. But why the iPhone? Why is it so popular. Well it’s a very easy question to answer;  its revolutionary.

     Many people think that the iPhone is just a phone, but it’s not. It’s a multi-media device that puts all your “hand helds” into one. Its a phone, an amazing mp3 player, one of the best mobile internet communicators on the market, and above all else; a gaming console.

     We all know how the iPhone can do all these things, and that you can easily download third party applications to help with all your needs. But recently, a friend asked “When will Apple release a gaming console?” Well, they already have, and it is one of the most amazing devices yet. You see, for the Xbox, PS3, PSP, and DS, there is little to work with. If your lucky you have four buttons, and two joysticks. But with the iPhone, you have an unlimited amount of controls. I can shake it, turn it, move it, tilt it, touch it with several fingers, or just one. The iPhone has the most amazing user interface, no questions asked.

     Also, as we all know, Apple decided to go “old school”. Way back in the day, before DVD’s, CD’s, cartridges or, well basically anything, there was just space in the system. Games would be stored completely on memory. Apple thought “Hmm, we dont have space to put anything in, and wouldn’t it be much more convenient if the games were right there, and you didn’t have to drag around CD’s?” Well, like always, Apple was right. It was much easier to have games right in the memory, like the old days, than to carry it around.

     Who would have known that almost 10 months later, ONE BILLION applications would have been downloaded from Apple’s App Store?