Apple seeded the new beta, called beta 4, and apparently they’ll stick to a two-week pattern. In this seed, we got our hands on the new iTunes. iTunes 8.2 pre-release.

     The 8.2 pre-release is required for installing the forth beta of the up-coming iPhone OS. In this new beta, we can see more information on the upcoming-feature “In-App Purchasing” and some updates to the camera API.

      After a day of fiddling around with this gem, I’ve noticed that the OS has less memory leaks [compared to beta 3] and seems as-smooth as the second beta. The Store category of the “Setting” app has been populated and you can now have more than one ITMS account. So you can use your friend’s ITMS account to get some of his downloaded apps/music for free!

      On my first glimpse, I thought the MMS and tethering features were removed since I didn’t see them, hopefully, that was a false alarm. After some scrolling in Safari, I found that it was capable of plug-ins, so expect to see Flash capabilities on the new iPhone!

     As written in the title, the new iTunes, 8.2 will support Blu-Ray, which is a very good thing. But I do have some bad news, they’ve incorporated some Apple software that will prevent users from jailbreaking their device. If I correctly understood how the procedure works, it will always phone home and it will send some information [to be determined]. Apple replies, if the information is bad, iTunes will keep the device in DFU mode.