Wanna get in shape for this summer’s beautiful upcoming-weather and have fun while doing it? With iBody, made by iHanWell, you can shape up!

     iBody turns the iPhone into a true fitness trainer that can be used every day. Even with its extensive and practical features, the intuitive App is extremely easy to use. Once you’ve entered your basic data, you can take your iPhone along with you on runs, walks, or even bike rides – the App’s GPS function enables it to calculate the length of the route and the speed of your trip. The progress you make as you continue to exercise can be monitored step by step on iBody’s detailed graphic displays for weight, BMI, and other personal physical data. Also, as you improve, you’ll discover motivation to achieve even higher performance!

      I tried this app on my iPhone to start getting in shape and I loved it. I was even happier that I got it for only $7.99 instead of $9.99! I lost 2 lbs. with this app in just two days, imagine the results in a full month’s time! Best of all, it’s UI is extremely easy to use!