Amoeba main

     Amoebas is a Tetris style game, created by Sauce Digital, with some really nice twists and turns. I do want to emphasize that on a color/graphic/item placement I am extremely critical. Some of the first features that stood out to me were the crisp colorful graphics and the gooey sound effects with every shot taken.

     The basis of this game is to match and add cells of the same color/size in order to achieve the highest score before the pieces add up to the “filling line”. There are single, double, and triple cell organisms followed by a funny looking triangle shaped form that further adds to the fun of the game. On top of that the Amoeba’s have these googly looking eyes tatted on them (kinda like the Geico money stack).

     One thing I can say about game is that it’s rather addictive and it presents several tactics that can be adopted in order to achieve the highest score, although you still have to keep in mind where you placed your last piece since you’re playing on two platforms at the same time.

        The game is played in a couple of different ways, meaning you can rotate and touch the amoebas, or for those of us who fumble the stix from time to time, you can just lay the phone down and use the interface buttons. The buttons in the game are actually very useful, unlike other games for the iPhone. As a unique feature you also get the quick reverse button which is something like the Resident Evil button that allows you to turn around in an instant and continue to build on your puzzle (really useful the more you advance in the game).

     A couple of things that I would address in the next update would be the possible integration of subtle background music and maybe a few different background themes which could only add more kick. All in all the game is a really well put together piece of software that is quite fun and should be considered by anyone who enjoys brain twisters/puzzle games. From my personal standpoint the fact that you can play the game on two parallel surfaces at the same time really makes it unique in its own way.